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Self Assessment & Tax Returns

For many of our clients the only time they will see us is to enable them to meet their relevant tax obligations.

Saving you tax is what accountants do – we will always aim to give you clear advice on how to avoid paying any unnecessary tax, as well as spotting any opportunities for you to save tax.

taxWhether it is for self assessment or corporation tax returns, you need help that will give you total peace of mind. We will deal with your tax return needs whilst keeping your tax bill to a minimum. We will make sure that everything is above board and acceptable to HMRC and that all returns are submitted on a timely basis.

As with most of our services, our work will be carried out on a fixed fee basis. As with our accounts fees, once you have a price from us then that is the price you will pay, so no nasty surprises when you get your final invoice. Likewise, we do not charge during the year for general advice or meetings in relation to your tax returns – if you have any problems then we want to hear from you before the end of the tax year when we can do something to help you.